NFL: Did Tony Romo Just Unleash Massive Burp on Live TV During Lions-Texans Game?

by Charles Craighill

It seems like Tony Romo might have eaten Thanksgiving dinner early. In the middle of announcing the Detroit Lions game against the Houston Texans, Romo unleashed a strange noise on air. The noise in question came during a video clip showing the evolution of Matt Patricia over the years. While experts have not confirmed for sure whether or not it was in fact a burp, the evidence was right there on live television.

Best Analyst Ever?

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback signed on with the CBS team after his retirement from the NFL. Romo spent 13 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys before his retirement in 2017. He caused quite a stir when he signed with CBS, as he immediately took the top announcer’s spot. However, he quickly relieved any doubts that he deserved his role alongside Jim Nantz.

From his first-ever game as an announcer, Tony Romo gained a reputation for his uncanny ability to predict the future. The former quarterback continued to read defenses and predict the plays before they happen. He also brought a certain energy and enthusiasm that lacked before his arrival.

This talent paid off for him as he recently signed a contract extension with CBS. This multi-year and multi-million dollar deal will make him the highest-paid NFL analyst in history. According to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, Romo will receive around $17 million per year. The deal extends through the 2022 season and could be worth over $100 million dollars.

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz will take on announcing duties at Super Bowl LV.

Tony Romo Proving his Worth

In the Detroit Lions game against the Houston Texans–yes, the same one in which he may have unleashed a massive burp– Romo once again exemplified his knack for predicting the future. Just before the Texans recovered their second fumble, Romo said “turnovers come in waves” on air. Twitter is losing their mind about it.