NFL: Eagles Fans Are Sounding Off on Carson Wentz After MNF Performance

by Thad Mitchell

The Philadelphia Eagles are not having the kind of NFL season they were hoping to have this year. The team has only three wins to seven losses and a tie with the Cincinnati Bengals heading into week 13 of the NFL season.

There is plenty of blame to go around as to why the Eagles are in the NFL’s proverbial dumpster this year. No one unit of the team is playing particularly well with both the defense and offense struggling mightily. Even their special teams units are suffering through the disastrous season. However, much of the blame for the Eagles’ poor play this season and be traced directly to quarterback Carson Wentz.

Once considered a rising NFL star and Most Valuable Player candidate, Wentz has seemingly regressed in his fifth season. Wentz and the Eagles dropped their Monday Football Matchup against the Seattle Seahawks earlier this week. The quarterback was largely ineffective during the game with 215 passing yards and a 73.8 percent passer rating.

NFL Season not Going According to Plan for Wentz

The story of Wentz’s season struggles goes much deeper than a single game though. Through 12 weeks of the NFL season, the quarterback has only had 16 touchdown passes to 15 interceptions. Additionally, NFL Network Reporter Ian Rapoport put out a tweet with startling statistics that show how Wentz has declined this season.

“Some alarming stats on #Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz via @NFLResearch,” he says. “Including having one of the biggest drop offs in NFL history compared to his passer ratings from the previous three years.”

Known to be outspoken regarding team issues, Philadelphia Eagle fans stormed social media to express their disappointment in Wentz and their team’s losing record.