NFL: Eli Manning Asks Fans if He Should Wear ‘Birthday Suit’ for New York Giants Game

by Thad Mitchell

Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is unsure what he should wear for his team’s season finale today.

In a game with serious playoff implications, the Giants will face against the Dallas Cowboys today (Sunday). Neither team has had the kind of season they hoped and both will end up with regular-season losing records. Going into the game, Manning’s Giants are 5-10 and the Cowboys are 6-9.

Despite the lackluster season from both teams, Eli Manning is planning to attend the game. He took to social media on Sunday to ask his Twitter followers how he should dress for the game. According to his post, the clothing options are either his jersey or nothing at all.

“Not sure what to wear for the Giants game today?” The former All Pro and Super Bowl champion says. “My Jersey or my birthday suit?”

Eli Manning Celebrating 40th Birthday Today

While it’s unlikely Manning would show up to a football game in the nude, it is important to note that today (Jan. 3) is his birthday. The super bowl winning quarterback and Giants living legend turns 40-years-old today.

Manning’s fans and social media followers got a good laugh out of his post. Just two hours after the tweet went live, it saw more than 12,000 “likes” and retweets. His fans did not disappoint, rushing to offer up their own humorous take on the quarterback’s clothing choices. Many of them “voted” for birthday suit so we will see if the all time Giants great will truly give the fans what they want.

Giants fans could use something to be happy about with the team’s abysmal performance this season. Their season has been riddled with injuries to key players including current starting quarterback Daniel Jones and star running back Saquon Barkley.

A birthday-suit-wearing Eli Manning may be just the thing they need to take their minds off of the team’s poor luck heading into the offseason.