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NFL Fans Absolutely Furious After Roughing the Passer Call on 49ers’ Nick Bosa

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

The NFL is really earning its nickname as the No Fun League with another wild roughing the passer call during on Nick Bosa during TNF. This time, it was the 49ers’ Nick Bosa that was hit with the flag. Geno Smith had just realized the ball, and it looked like a clean tackle. Refs felt otherwise.

One of the biggest issues that people have with the NFL’s new roughing-the-passer rules – no one knows what they mean. The whole thing seems subjective. Getting a clear direction on roughing as a penalty, while also protecting quarterbacks has to be possible.

You be the judge, Outsiders. Where did Nick Bosa go wrong?

That call made sure that a pick-six was erased for the Niners, and the momentum felt off. While the 49ers had a 21-3 lead at the time, it was still a penalty many thought was unnecessary and hurt the flow of the defense.

Fans Can’t Believe Nick Bosa Roughing Penalty

Sometimes you start watching the NFL and it doesn’t quite hit you until a moment like this happens. Then you realize that the NFL you’re watching now has nothing to do with the NFL you used to watch. That’s a little exaggerated, but it does feel like that at times.

“So a form tackle is roughing the passer? Sickening @NFL,” one fan tweeted.

When plays like this kill momentum and excitement on the field, that’s the worst part. You get rid of one great play by throwing the flag and it’s a real killer to the fans in the stadium and at home.

“Tackling the quarterback is not roughing the passer!” a fan pleaded. “Negates a pick-six!”

The worst part of all of it is that this drives fans away. No one wants to watch the NFL where good defense is punished like this. That tackle was about as clean as it gets in the league. Is there any way that this could change?

“These roughing the passer penalties in the NFL are getting ridiculous. They need to let these guys play,” a fan complained. “That was not roughing the passer on Nick Bosa.”

The 49ers look like they are set to win this game with ease over the Seahawks. This play likely doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of this game. However, it is a sign of where the sport is heading and that could be worth considering as the season continues.