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NFL Fans Are Dreading Colts-Steelers Monday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

Ahead of today’s Monday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, no one is really looking forward to it. NFL fans have decided that this game is likely going to be a nightmare. With memories of the Broncos and other teams playing dud games in primetime, it makes one wonder.

These teams have a combined record of 7-13-1 and will play at Indy for MNF. There was a point in time when it felt like the Steelers would be able to pull out a solid season, but that time has passed. As for the Colts, things aren’t much better. Even with Jeff Saturday being a surprisingly good coach through two games, there isn’t much hope there, either.

This fan isn’t the only one thinking that this could once again be a bad game on Monday night. There have been too many examples this season to think otherwise.

From Colts fans to Steelers fans and everyone in between, there are no high hopes for this game.

NFL Fans Don’t Want to Watch Colts, Steelers

This Sunday was a great day of football. We saw some really solid performances from many teams. A couple of upsets, and some big individual games – it was a lot of fun. However, this game looks like it is going to be as fun as a hangover.

“Steelers vs Colts is looking like an NBA night lol,” a fan said on Twitter.

For Steelers fans, it all comes down to coaching. The offense has had to deal with a shaky quarterback situation, but Kenny Pickett is talented. There are games this team lost that they should have won. Put simply, this Matt Canada offense is boring and uninspired.

“I get DJ hasn’t scored a touchdown all year and we paid him $39M but I still blame Matt Canada for this anemic offense. Watch tonight it’s a bunch of check-downs and no route planning and deep passes smh,” a Steeler fan tweeted.

Part of the joy of Monday Night Football is catching a football game after a long and awful Monday. They just aren’t any fun. But imagine having to look forward to…this game…

“I cannot imagine someone planning their day around Steelers vs Colts,” a fan named Matt said.

So, what do you think Outsiders? Will we get a little surprise tonight as the Colts and Steelers face off?