NFL Fans Are Getting Tired of Watching the Denver Broncos in Primetime

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

As we get closer to kickoff, NFL fans are realizing that this is the third time this season the Denver Broncos have been in prime time. Tonight is another Thursday Night Football game for the team. Russell Wilson and the Broncos have not been great this season. In fact, they have been downright mediocre.

Despite that, due to scheduling, NFL fans will end up watching four Denver Broncos games in prime time in just six weeks. That’s two Monday nights and two Thursday nights a piece. The product on the field has been less than stellar.

It doesn’t help that tonight is a game against the lowly Indianapolis Colts. The viewers have spoken.

Fans Sound Off on Denver Broncos in Primetime

Over on Twitter, fans are popping off as they realize what game they are about to tune into. Didn’t we just watch the Denver Broncos in that Monday Night Football game against the Seahawks? Then they played against the 49ers on Sunday Night Football? Come on.

There are some fans that are going to be focused on other things tonight. This is a game that you can probably just check in on every once in a while. Whoever the schedule makers were had high hopes for Denver. Or they just wanted to see them fail on the biggest stage.

For others, it’s kind of like going through any sort of personal trauma. You have to accept what has happened, or what is happening before you can heal. This fan is on that first step right now and let’s all hope we can be as strong as him.

Let’s be honest here, Outsiders. We have been exposed to a lot of Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos. The experiment has not gone to plan to start the year. But maybe that’s going to change tonight against the 1-2-1 Colts. Or, we might be waiting around for a lackluster primetime game between two teams that don’t look like they are playoff quality right now.

Seeing the Broncos on Thursday Night Football is going to be hard. But watching the Colts could be even harder. Without Jonathan Taylor, that offense is going to have to rely on the veteran arm of Matt Ryan. The Colts QB has not thrown more than 40 passes this season outside of Game 1 against the Texans when he passed 50 times.

Who will come out on top in this TNF game?