NFL Fans Are Loving the Return of the Cincinnati Bengals’ Icy White Uniforms

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

NFL fans can celebrate because today the Cincinnati Bengals are rocking those white and black “icy white” uniforms. These uniforms got a ton of attention. While some find them to be more zebra than Bengals, for the folks with some taste, these are some top-tier threads.

Of course, the fact that they are taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh makes these unis a little more special. It is a rivalry that has provided a lot of great moments in recent years. Hard play, intense confrontations, and more.

So, looking at these icy unis for the second time this season, what do we think about it?

This season has been average for the Cincinnati Bengals who played for a Super Bowl just last season. Joe Burrow has not been himself many times this season. However, the 3-6 Steelers should be a team they can beat. At 5-4 this season, Cincy needs to be careful to not pick up a loss to a sub-.500 team.

One thing is clear, though – fans still love the black-and-white combo.

NFL Fans Love the Cincinnati Bengals Uniforms

All over Twitter, you can see the reaction to the Cincinnati Bengals’ ice whites. Joey Brrrrr might just find a little bit of extra spice in this great look. When you look good, you feel good, and you play good.

“These Bengals white uni’s are top 5 for sure,” one fan said.

“The Bengals all white uni’s are the best jersey in football,” another lamented.

Look, you pair up the ice whites with the black and gold of the Steelers and you have an all-time great matchup. While the product on the field is going to be what it will be, we can all at least appreciate the aesthetics of the game if we don’t get a good result.

“I was hoping that when the [NFL] allowed alternative helmet colors, the Steelers would go back to their retro yellow helmet. Even without it, the Steelers retro jerseys still look good. Of course, the Bengals look fabulous with the white helmet and the white jerseys.”

Not only do these teams play their best and most intense football against one another, but they can also look good while doing it. The NFL fans watching at home and in the stadium are the real winners. If you could get a jersey from one of these teams, then you need to pick the ones they are wearing today.