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NFL Fans Aren’t Quite Sure What’s On Terry Bradshaw’s Face on Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Thursday Night Football in the NFL is a great tradition. However, fans are talking less about what’s on the field and more about Terry Bradshaw.

The legendary QB and current analyst in the booth had people asking questions. It wasn’t about anything he said or did. Instead, it was something that viewers saw on his face that sparked comments and questions.

Here is a clip that shows the issue at hand. This Twitter account thought that it might be makeup running down Bradshaw’s face. Check it out and see for yourself.

Immediately there was a flurry of answers and theories about what it could be. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on one idea in particular. However, one of the most common answers said that it looked like a bandage or a blemish from a recent medical procedure. A viewer named Scott said, “Am I crazy or is there a new skin graft on Terry Bradshaw’s face?”

One thing is for certain, a lot of Thursday Night Football fans are not here for the Bradshaw slander. Whatever it is, it looks like the team on set did the best they could to hide it and cover it up. Clearly, it wasn’t something they wanted to draw attention to. An account called My Cancer Journey tweeted out their theory.

There were so many calls for understanding and empathy. But, that isn’t going to stop folks from getting off jokes and comments on social media. That’s for sure.

@Shar19L tweeted, “People are poking fun of Terry Bradshaw’s face?! Really? It looks like he had some kind of medical procedure. Can we at least *try* empathy or compassion rather than mocking and ridiculing…for once?”

Terry Bradshaw Draws Attention on NFL TNF

Tonight’s game on Thursday Night Football is between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the fact that this game could have playoff implications for these two teams, one of the biggest storylines of the night so far has been Terry Bradshaw.

While Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert are two bright, young, and talented stars fans on social media just couldn’t help themselves from commenting on Bradshaw’s look. It wasn’t just the blemish on the former QB’s face that drew comments from viewers.

At one moment in the pregame show, Terry Bradshaw got emotional after hearing the news that his daughter had gone into labor. So, there will be a new Bradshaw grandchild running around soon.

Social media is a wild place. Despite what might be going on down on the field, fans on NFL Twitter can find so many other things to talk about. The Chiefs and Chargers are going to battle all night. Hopefully, fans can talk about the action on the field instead of in the studio as the night goes on.