NFL Fans Blast Amazon for Nearly Missing Bears First Touchdown on Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

It happened! A touchdown! Thursday Night Football fans were delighted to see a Chicago Bears TD… except they didn’t really see it. Amazon pretty much blew the camera angle and this whole play was lost on the live broadcast. The replay thankfully showed the play in full for NFL fans.

One moment, the Chicago Bears were marching down the field, and then a pass play flashed by and there were six points on the board and Justin Fields was on the ground… fans were perplexed and then upset that Amazon couldn’t get this touchdown in the frame. That’s the least you have to do when you broadcast a game!

While fans were excited to see a touchdown on Thursday Night Football for the first time in two weeks, it was just another mistake on Amazon’s end.

This was undoubtedly the play of the game leading up to this point. Nothing else had been going on at the time. Let’s hope they don’t miss the next one if we see another touchdown tonight.

Thursday Night Football Fans Are Done with Amazon

Meanwhile, online fans were just beside themselves. You really don’t know if you want to laugh or yell or cry because it is just so ridiculous. Amazon put out over $1 billion to broadcast these games. If they can’t even keep the camera on the play during a touchdown, what’s the point?

Poor Justin Fields has been getting hit all night. He does a lot for this Bears team. He has been on the ground multiple times during Thursday Night Football and he didn’t let that bother him. The QB stayed calm and cool and collected and delivered a great pass. Too bad Amazon barely caught any of it.

We need Justice for Justin.

Between the audio and buffering issues that have persisted for six weeks and almost missing this touchdown, Amazon hasn’t done a good job. Fans are getting a little upset about all of this. If we can’t even count on the broadcast to show us the only touchdown scored in seven quarters of football, then what are we doing here?

Thursday Night Football deserves better than this.

Hopefully, we will see another touchdown tonight. If we don’t, well it was nice to see half of it in real time.