NFL Fans Blast ESPN’s Split-Screen During Monday Night Football Doubleheader

by Sean Griffin

ESPN’s Monday Night Football always has at least one doubleheader in the past few seasons. However, 2022 has been different, and fans have taken notice.

Normally, there isn’t much overlap in the game times. The NFL schedules that second game in either the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones. However, this time around, both games took place in the Eastern Time Zone. This created a significant overlap between the games, which angered many fans online.

While both games were being played, a score of the Minnesota Vikings-Philadelphia Eagles game on ABC was provided in the top-left corner of the Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills broadcast on ESPN, and vice versa. Most fans didn’t take issue with the score display in the upper-left corner.

However, the broadcasts would sometimes switch to a split screen, showing both Monday Night Football games simultaneously.

This decision was not well received by the general football-viewing public.

The fans especially hated how the split-screen was employed at odd times, with no pattern or warning letting fans know about the switch. Plenty of fans took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the move.

“This is why not staggering these games was patently dumb and shortsighted,” Matt Lombardo wrote on Twitter.

“ESPN please stop with this split screen. One game just started. I’m trying to watch the one in the final minute of the second quarter,” Teresa Walker wrote.

Fans React to Monday Night Football Split-Screen Decision

“Can we not with the split screen??? No one in Buffalo cares about Eagles Vikings,” user Hannah Buehler, a Buffalo reporter, wrote.

“Yeah I can change channels if I want to watch. Also unfair to Titans fans to have to watch AJ Brown lol,” one person responded, referencing the star receiver’s move from Tennessee to Philadelphia in the offseason.

“The split screen on #MNF was too much. I didn’t know where to look, what to do with my hands, who was even playing!” Charlie Kimball wrote.

More fans and analysts echoed the sentiment with angry tweets directed at ESPN.

“Memo to ESPN: Stop with the damn split screens. If we want to watch the Eagles game, we’ll flip the channel. We’re watching the #Bills,” Mike Harrington wrote.

“Way too complicated,” one fan agreed.

“Awful Announcing” wrote: “Eagles QB Jalen Hurts with a rushing TD as the ESPN Titans-Bills broadcast goes split-screen.”

The Monday Night Football games largely disappointed fans for their lopsided results. The Buffalo Bills first demolished the Tennessee Titans 41-7, continuing their roll of dominance in 2022. Then, the Philadelphia Eagles gashed the Minnesota Vikings, ending the game with a final score of 24-7. Both the Eagles and Bills are 2-0 to start the season.