NFL Fans Blast the Tennessee Titans After ‘Embarrassing’ Loss to Buffalo Bills

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight was not a great night to be a Tennessee Titans fan. A 41-7 loss left the Titan fanbase reeling, calling the loss “embarrassing.” Just last season, the team looked like they were building up an NFL offense to compliment superstar Derrick Henry. Tonight, a whole stable of Henry’s couldn’t have helped that offense.

It just looked like the Tennessee Titans weren’t ready on Monday night. Fans watched on as Ryan Tannehill threw 11/20 for 117 yards and two interceptions. They watched as the punt return team muffed two kicks and watched as two fumbles were recovered during the game.

The team only managed 187 yards of offense total. In fact, the second-string offense was put into the game from the third quarter on.

Tennessee Titans Fans Let it All Out

On Twitter, Tennessee Titans fans took out all of their frustrations. There really isn’t much you can say about the poor performance. This is one of those losses that hurt fans personally. It makes you question your entire fandom. This guy is looking for a new team, so anyone out there got suggestions?

At first, it was frustrating. The Bills were scoring on every possession it seemed and the Tennessee Titans had no response. Then, a punt! The Titans had their moment to turn things around. . . about that. That first punt resulted in a muff from rookie Kyle Philips. Looks like folks might be calling Mike Vrabel’s seat officially hot!

So, there are fans and then there are team legends. One of those legends for the Titans has to be Frank Wycheck. The former tight end played many years with Tennessee. However, everyone remembers him for one thing and one thing only – making the lateral pass in the Music City Miracle.

Wycheck has not tweeted since January 2021, almost two years. Until tonight. He only had one word for this performance and it was around the time that Jalen Hurts ran a massive touchdown on the Titans’ defense.

Monday Night Football Flop

Overall, this Monday Night Football doubleheader was not great. These were two games that were completely one-sided in each instance. From the 41-7 thrashing that the Buffalo Bills gave the Tennessee Titans to the Philadelphia Eagles snatching three interceptions and doing what they wanted against the Minnesota Vikings.

Most fans were worried about the scheduling issues. What would happen if they had to flip back and forth between two great primetime matchups? Well, that’s alright. No one missed anything of importance by watching one game. Besides the highlights from the Bills and Eagles.

To give you a recap, lots of points, and lots of turnovers. Four teams showed up, but only two of these teams showed out!