NFL Fans Brutally Roast Ryan Tannehill, Kirk Cousins Over Subpar Monday Night Football Performances

by Jonathan Howard

If you didn’t watch NFL Monday Night Football last night – good. There were two massive blowouts and two quarterbacks that played poorly. While I hope that you were able to do something productive with the time that should have been spent watching competitive primetime football, I know you are like me. You watched every second of these beatdowns.

Fans are tearing into Ryan Tannehill and Kirk Cousins after last night. At one point in time, Tennessee fans thought that Tannehill was the guy! With Derrick Henry and other weapons, he looked good. Since losing a handful of guys, including AJ Brown, that doesn’t look to be the case now. The Bills picked him apart to the point he was benched in the 3rd quarter.

Meanwhile, Cousins was just as if not even more ineffectual during his game against the Eagles, as you can see in the Darius Slay Jr. highlight reel above. These two quarterbacks combined for 38/66 passes for 338 yards, a single touchdown, and three interceptions! To put it lightly, fans aren’t being nice to these two QBs.

Monday Night Football ‘Duds’

If you want to summarize these games up, you could do it with the word “duds” as one fan did on Twitter. The Monday Night Football slot is special. With just one or two games on in the night, they have to deliver a good product. If they don’t, well, fans won’t watch.

After Tannehill threw his second interception of the night, it was clear that the Titans were on their way to an 0-2 start. Coach Mike Vrabel has not started this poorly ever since taking the helm in Nashville. Now, it looks like he’s going to have to scramble to keep it from being an 0-3 start.

You know, they say you never stop learning. There’s always something out there that you can pick up no matter how old you are. Well, let’s remember one thing after last night. . . Kirk Cousins is 60-60-2 in his career now. And he just made Slay look like an All-Pro player. Oh, and he’s gonna make $40 million this year.

Monday Night Football was a disappointment last night if you weren’t a Bills or Eagles fan. Truly a night for the fantasy owners. Shoutout to Stefon Diggs for saving my team last night.

For Titans and Vikings fans, it’s on to the next one. At least Minnesota has a win under their belt this season. If the Packers play every team the way they play the Bears then that Week 1 win is going to look awfully nice for the Vikes. The only issue is getting another win any time soon.