NFL Fans Calling for Terry Bradshaw to Retire

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Once again, NFL fans are calling for long-time FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw to retire. The Pittsburgh Steelers legend and current analyst caught a lot of heat on social media during Week 8 of the season.

Specifically, fans are frustrated with Bradshaw’s commentary during the rapid-fire recaps the network produces throughout the week. It’s been something the long-time analyst has struggled with throughout the 2022 season.

Some fans put it very simply, saying Bradshaw “needs to retire.”

Others asked why Bradshaw is still on the broadcast team. “What’s the appeal of Terry Bradshaw? I don’t see it,” another Twitter user wrote.

Fans have thrown a ton of criticism at Bradshaw this year, saying his commentary isn’t what it once was. Some have expressed concerns about his health, especially after the NFL analyst revealed he’s been diagnosed with cancer.

Bradshaw, 74, started his broadcasting career in 1984, shortly after his time in the NFL concluded. He’s been with the NFL on FOX crew since 1994.

Terry Bradshaw Talks About Cancer Diagnosis

Back in September, NFL fans really started voicing concerns and throwing criticism at Terry Bradshaw for his on-air struggles. In early October, the analyst revealed he’s been battling bladder cancer since November 2021.

That ongoing battle has taken a lot of his energy.

“Last week on the show, I ran out of breath and Howie helped me out,” Bradshaw said in October. “A lot of people are asking what’s wrong with me. … And I just want to address it and let you know what has happened in my life.

“In November [of 2021], I was diagnosed with bladder cancer,” the analyst recalled. “I went to the Yale University Medical Center [for] surgery, treatment. As of today, I am bladder cancer free.”

What’s the lesson? Maybe cut Bradshaw some slack while he’s on the air.