NFL Fans Can’t Believe Crazy Eagles Stat During Commanders Monday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

While many thought that Monday Night Football would be boring, the Eagles and Commanders have made it a great game. However, the Eagles picked up a stat today that showed just how poor their performance was compared to the rest of the NFL season. With how dominant the 8-0 team has been, it was strange to read.

Adam Schefter tweeted it out during the fourth quarter of the game. The Eagles had never trailed in the second half this season. Nine weeks and it hadn’t happened. However, Taylor Heinicke and his offense made the defense look ridiculous at times.

For Philly fans that felt they had the best team in the league heading into tonight, this is a big wake-up call. For the first time this season they are seeing their team get outcoached, outplayed, and at times out-hustled by the Commanders. That’s not something anyone expected ahead of Monday Night Football.

Monday Night Football Fans Beside Themselves

Looking back at Miles Teller’s appearance before the Eagles game, this Outsider writer outlined how the Eagles could lose this game. Mistakes, turnovers, third and fourth down plays – that all came true. Monday Night Football was too much for the Eagles. They fumbled the ball, showed less effort, and weren’t the same team they were in the first nine weeks.

So, some fans were a bit upset. It was a tough loss.

“The refs absolutely f***ed the Eagles with that call. We are about to lose strictly because of them, not because of the Commanders. One of the worst calls in history, sick.”

Now, other fanbases are envigorated. They see the weaknesses in the Eagles’ defense and offense. Will other teams find the secret formula against Philly?

“Just wait till they have to play the titans and trail the whole game,” another fan trolled.

Now, you can approach things with a pessimistic view or an optimistic view. This other fan decided to look at the bright side of things.

“Going 8 games without trailing in the 2nd half is actually the most ridiculous stat I’ve seen [on my life] dominant.”

These Eagles have shown a weakness for the first time this season. Monday Night Football is a wild ride, and Philadelphia let the moment get away from them.