NFL Fans Can’t Believe the Staggering Amount Amazon Paid for Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

One thing to keep in mind tonight as the Broncos and Colts NFL game drags on in a kicker battle, Amazon paid a whole lotta money for Thursday Night Football. Like, billions. In the deal, the streaming giant was able to pull off an 11-year agreement. But is it paying off?

In the first season of this new media agreement, the games have been less than stellar. Let’s just call it how it is. Tonight’s battle between Indianapolis and Denver has been anything but worthy of primetime. With the Broncos packed into the early primetime schedule this season, it’s been hard on viewers.

Here is exactly how much Amazon paid for the 11-year deal and how much this rough game is costing the company.

Fans Don’t Know About Amazon’s Thursday Night Football

Now that fans know how much Amazon put into this game and the entire contract, it’s a bit of a running joke now. Just imagine paying that much for a Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson battle.

Now, here is an interesting take on things. Look, we know that this game is bad but don’t worry fans! Next week we have…*checks notes* oh… Washington and Chicago.

Now, the game plan was pretty clear from Amazon’s point of view. Spend all that money now knowing that you can get it back (hopefully) on subscriptions to watch Thursday Night Football. That might not work out with these snoozers.

Thursday Night Football is meant to be a showcase of top teams. One game, one night, two teams and we get stuck with the Broncos and Colts. Now, if the NFL is going to have flex scheduling and all that, why not put it into effect now? It’s hard to watch two bad offenses and bad defenses play like they were tonight.

Thinking about how expensive and long the deal is between Amazon and the NFL, who is to say that this is going to work in the long run? When it comes down to it, maybe Amazon isn’t fully to blame. The NFL schedule is what it is, but the folks at Prime probably don’t feel great about these first few games.