NFL Fans Come Unglued After Bengals’ Tee Higgins Gets Amazing TD Stripped Away Over Weird Rule

by Suzanne Halliburton
Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals star Tee Higgins tapped both toes in bounds to score an apparent touchdown, Sunday, against the New York Jets.

But not so fast. Officials said no to the TD, causing a social media frenzy with perplexed NFL fans. First, have a look at the play before we tell you why it didn’t count.

Mike Garafolo with the NFL Network explained the issue with the rules and why Tee Higgins’ graceful catch looks pretty but counts as an incompletion from Joe Burrow. However, Burrow threw a TD to running back Samaje Perine on the next play.

“Bengals score so it doesn’t matter but Tee Higgins a victim of one of the weirder rules. If you drag your toes only, you’re in. If you have both sets of toes down but then your heel lands out of bounds, you’re out.”

Bengals coach Zac Taylor challenged the call, but officials stood by the ruling.

Still, no matter what the officials said, Tee Higgins received massive props for the effort. Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson, a former Bengals receiver, posted video of the play. He captioned it:

“Exhibit 1 why Tee Higgins is the better 85, i can’t do shit like this.”

But fans still were stunned it didn’t count. Here’s a sampling of the social media outrage. It’s safe to say, NFL fans always have an opinion, especially if it’s to call out a call they don’t like (or understand).

“If this isn’t a touchdown idk what football is,” wrote one fan.

But remember, it’s all about the heels, not the toes. One fan wrote (in the same Twitter thread): “Their reasoning made zero sense two toes is two toes. Heels have to come down in bounds as well? His heels never touched. Can you explain why a sideline catch with two toes would be any different?”

And the complaints weren’t coming solely from Bengals fans. Even the Cleveland Brown fanatics joined in to support the Tee Higgins catch.

“I’m a Browns guy, but this was a ripoff to Higgins and the Bengals. If that’s not a catch then I’m done with believing there are actual rules in the NFL.”

Plus, Higgins took a ferocious hit on a later play. This one definitely hurt as officials tagged the Jets for pass interference. But look who came down with the football.

Through the first half against the Bengals, Tee Higgins already had five catches for 93 yards. So he didn’t even need the TD reception to pump up the stat line. But a score always is nice.