NFL Fans Complain About Buffering Issues During Amazon’s Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Even after all of these weeks, NFL fans are still having issues with Amazon’s Thursday Night Football broadcast. From the beginning of the season, viewers have had issue after issue with the Amazon live stream. When you take the broadcast and put it over the internet instead of TV, these problems happen.

Still, fans of the NFL are not happy with the product. Plain and simple. They have quality issues, buffering, and sometimes even audio desyncs according to some reports. All they can do is try to get some help online from Amazon or fellow NFL fans.

Is this something that will ever stop?

Thursday Night Football Buffering Bothers Fans

It doesn’t take long to find viewers complaining about the broadcast. Thursday Night Football is a time to break up the mundane week and get some action in our lives. The games haven’t been the best this season, but football is football.

This week is actually a great matchup with the Ravens and the Buccaneers. Lamar Jackson versus Tom Brady! Fans just want to watch the game without interruptions.

It really feels like you have to have high-speed connections in order to stream these games. Of course, that isn’t possible for everyone. Fans that have subpar internet connection are finding it almost impossible to watch games without interruptions and buffering.

They will just have to deal with it. That’s the reality of Thursday Night Football now.

Is there anything more frustrating than living in the most advanced time in human history but still having technology that just doesn’t work? It is just no fun to have to start and restart and pause. And when the audio issues turn up, that’s when folks are bound to just turn the game off.

This fan is just about done with the whole thing. Thursday Night Football just isn’t the same as it used to be.

Amazon Prime will reply to your complaints if you include them in your tweet, most of the time. But is there really anything they can do to improve the quality of these fans’ experience? It really feels as though viewers are going to just have to expect this every week.

Thursday Night Football has changed, but it isn’t necessarily for the better.