NFL Fans Complain About Streaming Quality Issues During Amazon Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Another week and fans are still having issues with Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football broadcast from buffering to audio. It just isn’t a good product for a lot of NFL fans. When you take into account that fans have had these problems for the whole season, it makes things worse.

When fans sit down to watch Thursday Night Football – especially two teams like Washington and Chicago – they don’t want to sit through buffering and strain to hear the announcers. This wasn’t just a buffering problem and seems like Amazon needs to get their mixing down better.

Will there ever be an Amazon TNF broadcast without issues? It doesn’t seem like it.

Thursday Night Football Broadcast Issues

A lot of fans are tuning in and finding that they are having buffering problems. This could be the internet in their area or at home. Or, it could just be the Amazon feed. When it comes to streaming live events, things don’t always go according to plan.

I’m just glad they know who to blame for all of this.

The biggest issues have to be with the audio quality. Not even a streaming problem, just bad mixing on Amazon’s end. And there are a lot more audiophiles watching the NFL than you think.

If you’re going to have Al Michael on the broadcast, let’s get some audio mixing that doesn’t just play over him the whole time. Let’s get some good cut-ins and music plays, not clunky transitions. This has been anything but pleasant for many viewers.

As for this fan’s problem… I’m not totally sure what is going on. They just need to call the service number or something at Amazon. Whatever they have going on at their place isn’t working and they are just login to have to deal with that themselves.

You can do a lot to change audio orientation or even get better internet for buffering issues. This is just something else entirely.

Sorry, Outsiders. This is likely going to be an ongoing problem. Unless Amazon can do something to fix all of these problems and make people have good internet – then the complaints will continue.