NFL Fans are Convinced It’s Not Patrick Mahomes’ Fault for Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LV Loss

by Will Shepard

Super Bowl LV is now over, and the party is on for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. For Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Cheifs, they will go back to the drawing board with empty hands. Either way, many fans are not satisfied with how a lot of the Chiefs played tonight.

There are a lot of people questioning the performance of everyone but Patrick Mahomes tonight. Tonight, the Buccaneers handed the Chiefs’ quarterback the worst loss of his career in a dominant performance. From the coin flip, it was all about the Buccaneers.

Very quickly, NFL fans around the world began chiming in about the lackluster performance from the Chiefs. Each of them was still impressed at how hard Patrick Mahomes was competing. They were all complimenting him going out on the field and giving it his all while the rest of his team looked as if they didn’t lock in for the biggest game of the year.

This Twitter user was tweeting mid-game about how the rest of Patrick Mahomes’ team wasn’t helping him out at all. He was already playing hurt, and it looked like the Chiefs’ offensive line couldn’t protect him.

More fans offered their pity to Mahomes.

“Gotta feel sorry for Patrick Mahomes in this one, he’s trying everything but it really isn’t his day today #SuperBowl” said @samcofilms.

@Conner_Thomas tweeted: “I feel bad for Patrick Mahomes. Dude is pouring his heart out trying to get anything going.”

@DonRubensito praised the QB for still putting in the effort: “Patrick Mahomes still putting in the 100% though… Much respect”

NFL Fans Come to the Aid of Patrick Mahomes

Not only that, though, but his receiving corps also couldn’t catch a ball to save their lives. There were numerous drops all over the field that they typically catch. Another Twitter user came to the aid of Patrick Mahomes.

Two explanations can be reasonably applied to this game. The first is certainly the most probable. That reason is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the superior team from the beginning to the end. There was no stopping them from winning the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Their defense was dominant all night. They got sacks when they wanted to and when they needed to. The defense was also able to turn the ball over at the right time and make important stops all night long.

More importantly, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were on a mission tonight. Further, the Bucs offense was unstoppable all night long, making plays look easy.

In truth, though, Patrick Mahomes left his heart on the field. He did all he could to win the Super Bowl but came up short.