NFL Fans Disappointed No ‘ManningCast’ for Chargers-Broncos Monday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald)

This week, there was a tough realization for NFL fans watching Monday Night Football – no ManningCast alternative for the game. Each week the show brings in all kinds of viewers to hear the jokes and analysis of Peyton and Eli Manning. This week, nothing.

So, you better like the duo of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, because that’s what we have for the game. Peyton and Eli are taking a break from their hard schedules. There have been a lot of Manning sightings from NFL to college football.

Without a ManningCast, fans are going back to the old way of taking in Monday Night Football.

Fans Can’t Believe There’s No ‘ManningCast’

Look, chins up Outsiders. The best part of the ManningCast is all the guests they pull onto the show. Hearing from other players, celebrities, and more gives a different perspective to things. It’s like you don’t have your MNF group watching with you. Just all alone, two cold beers.

Don’t mope around too much, though.

The one game that the Broncos are actually scoring the ball a little bit and the ManningCast isn’t on TV. That’s just a tough break. There isn’t anything like watching the Manning brothers break down plays and crack jokes on one another. They appeal to their niche and do it well.

It isn’t just this week, it’s every week that the Mannings aren’t on TV that fans miss their commentary. Having two QBs breaking down plays and explaining this shift or that call makes for a great show. There is also something refreshing about having some younger guys on the game.

While other networks and shows have some great legends and former players on their broadcast rosters, the ManningCast is just different. That’s why fans miss it so much this week.

So, no ManningCast tonight. That means a lot of folks either tuned into Buck and Aikman or put their TV on mute and enjoyed the game that way. The Broncos and Chargers was a competitive game, but not a truly exciting game for folks not invested in these teams.

Still, it was much better than the last time we saw the Broncos in prime time. That’s really all we can ask for.