NFL Fans Disappointed With No MNF ‘ManningCast’ During Week 10

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

While NFL Monday Night Football is great, some fans are disappointed that there won’t be a ManningCast during Week 10. So, the Washington Commanders and Philadelphia Eagles game will just be plain vanilla, as it has been for decades. MNF just isn’t the same without the Mannings and their usual chaos.

Some think that Peyton and Eli saw this matchup and just said, no thank you. That could be the case. However, I’m sure it has to do with more than that. The ManningCast provides some great moments. Whether it’s former players, current players, comedians, or another celebrity guest.

This fan summed up those thoughts pretty well.

Fans Wish The ManningCast Was Back

Honestly, if the last two editions of the ManningCast hadn’t been so good, then fans wouldn’t feel so sad. Between the Halloween episode and last week with Luke Bryan, it’s been top-tier entertainment. On Monday, fans were slowly realizing that they would have to deal without the show

“Was very much looking forward to the manningcast [sic] tonight with two NFC east teams but they’re not doing it again until dec 5,” one fan said. They followed it with a heartbroken emoji and a crying emoji for good measure.

All over Twitter, fans were expressing their sadness and other feelings about the ManningCast. It’s the place you go when you want to watch the game with some buddies, but your buddies are all too busy with their own lives. Sit, hang out, watch some of the greatest to ever do it talk the game – what more could you want?

“Life just seems empty without a ManningCast tonight,” another fan tweeted out. A hole in the collective heart of the NFL fanbase.

The worst are the people that have it in their minds that the ManningCast is happening. When they turn to ESPN2 it’s going to be nothing but disappointment.

“Are they not having the Manningcast tonight? Not showing up in my tv guide for ESPN2,” a fan named Mike said.

It’s going to be a long time before we see Peyton and Eli on the simulcast again. So, buckle up fans you’re going to have to watch these games like you used to.