NFL Fans Hilariously Feel Bad for Al Michaels for Having To Call Another Thursday Night Football Stinker

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

So far this season, Thursday Night Football has not been fun. Worst of all, poor Al Michaels has had to sit through it all too. The popular NFL broadcaster is a fan favorite. Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit are the duo for Amazon Prime’s presentation and they’ve been doing a lot of work.

Fans just can’t believe that they are making Al Michaels of all people sit through this game. We should all be happy it isn’t the Denver Broncos, I know that. However, the Falcons and Panthers just sound like a game that many fans would like to skip.

This is going to be a long season for Michaels and the rest of the TNF crew. And for NFL fans.

All over social media, sympathy and pity for Al Michaels were all over the place.

NFL Fans Feel Bad For Al Michaels

While NFL fans feel bad about watching these boring games, at least the folks at home can turn the game off. The fans in the crowd can leave and go home. However, Michaels must stay, watch, and analyze the poor performances all while trying to entertain the folks at home.

“Poor Al Michaels,” one fan wrote. “Having called some of the greatest sporting events in history for decades – all now to be stuck in these crappy TNF games…the bag’s gotta be worth it though.”

While we can all feel bad for Al Michaels, he is making money to do this. Amazon likely paid a lot of money to get him to move from Sunday to Thursday. But, was it all worth it? And even if he’s getting paid, is it nearly enough for what he has to endure?

“I hope Amazon is paying Al Michaels in gold to call these D2 games,” another fan said.

Look, did any of us ever think we would hear Michaels cut some of these promos as he has with Amazon?

“Al Michaels, after a commercial break on Thursday Night Football: ‘alright and don’t miss the story of Lil Baby now streaming on Amazon Prime video,'” NFL fan Hank tweeted. That’s tough to handle.

Will Al Michaels ever know peace?