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NFL Fans Furious After Ridiculous Roughing the Passer Call During Sunday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Sunday Night Football fans were furious during the Dolphins-Chargers game after a roughing the passer call many think was a sack. Between how the NFL used to be, let’s say 10-15 years ago, and the way it is now – it is a different game. For better or for worse, it has changed.

This season above all else, quarterback safety is a major point of emphasis. After seeing injuries like Tua Tagovailoa earlier in the year, the league isn’t playing around. However, this lastest play might have been a little too much.

What do you think, Outsiders? When you see this video, do you think it is roughing the passer?

There is a new standard regarding the defensive player letting their body weight come down onto the quarterback. That is apparently what led referees to calling this roughing call. Sunday Night Football viewers were beside themselves.

Pat McAfee tweeted, “Man… football does look different these days doesn’t it.” He ain’t wrong.

There were former players, fans, and more that couldn’t understand what they saw. But, they know that they didn’t like it. At all.

NFL Fans Upset About Sunday Night Football Call

Some fans thought that Tom Brady was the only quarterback that gets calls like this. However, it is clear that this is something we are going to see more of in the future. Sunday Night Football tonight was just a glimpse into the new world of NFL officiating.

Robert Griffin III was in disbelief at what he saw. Maybe if he was getting some of those calls back in the day, he would have had a longer career than he unfortunately did.


You knew it was coming as soon as that flag went out. Miami fans were going to wonder why they didn’t get the call whenever Tua gets sacked. That’s a good point too because he’s taken some nasty hits this season. Dolphins fans want a call.

“Why didn’t they call roughing the passer on Tua’s sack? He was sprung around and thrown, much more violent than the nice clean sack Philips had (on Herbert)? Double standards by the refs,” an upset fan tweeted.

The top comment you will see, the NFL is “soft.” Every sport is soft nowadays according to some. It is nice to see players have their health taken into consideration. However, it feels like the game has evolved to a point where things either need to be completely overhauled or something.

“The NFL is so soft. How the hell was that roughing the passer on Herbert? Good lord,” an exasperated fan said.

Sunday Night Football has been tricky. Tonight, there have been some great moments. Still, calls like the roughing the passer on the Miami defense take away from those moments. NFL fans will have to learn to live with these calls.