NFL Fans Furious as Bengals-Jets CBS Broadcast Plagued By Technical Issues

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Turns out it isn’t just Amazon that has issues during NFL games and fans let it be known CBS had problems during the Bengals and Jets game on Sunday. In case you were trying to watch Joe Burrow take on the New York Jets and thought your TV was the issue, don’t worry. This seems to have been a much bigger problem than just a few households.

It wasn’t long before fans started to sound off on Twitter. When those audio issues, picture problems, and other broadcasting woes happen, viewers notice. For Cincinnati fans, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Their 0-2 Bengals have had their best game of the season against the Jets.

This fan had a good sense of humor about it. Sometimes you just gotta take things in stride.

However, that wasn’t the consensus, unfortunately. CBS was having issues for quite a few fans and they wanted to know what was going on.

Bengals – Jets Broadcast ‘Brutal’ Fans Say

The audio and picture issues were too much to deal with. Joey Brrrrr was throwing passes like his old vintage self, and the Jets couldn’t get to the Bengals backfield, which showed. At least, it did on the field. Maybe not so much on the television.

If you thought that this was something that Cincinnati folks aren’t used to, think again. They know what to expect on NFL Sundays. Can’t be let down if you know exactly what to expect.

Somewhere there is a person looking at the broadcast issues and trying to solve them… but they clearly have no idea what they are doing, right? If they did it wouldn’t be a whole game of problems, that’s for sure.

If you are a Bengals fan, then the issues likely didn’t take anything away from the 27-12 win over the Jets. That’s the first of the season for Cincy. Meanwhile, New York fans are going to be hoping they can return to their winning ways again. I mean… they beat the Browns after all.

This season is just getting started and there is going to be a lot of great moments and not-so-great broadcasts along the way. That’s what makes this time of year so special.