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NFL Fans Furious at CBS For Changing Broadcast, Missing End of Raiders-Seahawks

by Dustin Schutte
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

The ending of the Las Vegas RaidersSeattle Seahawks game on Sunday might’ve been the most thrilling of the weekend. Unfortunately, most NFL fans didn’t get to see the epic conclusion.

Sunday’s game went into overtime tied at 34-34. With less than five minutes to play in the extra period, Raiders running back Josh Jacobs ripped off an impressive 86-yard touchdown run to seal a 40-34 victory.

Most of the nation missed the incredible ending, though. NFL RedZone‘s Scott Hanson told fans to check out the end of the game on their local CBS affiliate. But instead of the Raiders-Seahawks game, many fans saw 60 Minutes on their screen.

As you might imagine, there were some pretty peeved fans out there.

“Scott Hanson told me to flip to CBS to watch the end of Raiders-Seahawks overtime and I did and it’s got 60 Minutes on it,” one individual said on Twitter. Another fan responded to that tweet, saying, “Same with me. But they have a really cool story on dog evolution going so it’s a net positive.”

“Shoutout Redzone for sending me to CBS to watch 60 minutes,” another frustrated NFL fan said.

While it’s not the same as seeing it live, the Las Vegas Raiders shared video of the play to their official Twitter account. So, just in case you missed it:

The NFL better not have another mishap like this for the remainder of the season. Fans might come unglued if something similar happens again.

Seattle Seahawks Rookies Pay for Thanksgiving Meals

Let’s shift the focus from negative to positive, shall we? Though Seattle didn’t get a win over Las Vegas on Sunday, the team might’ve won the weekend for its actions in the community.

Seahawks rookies jumped in to help locals with their grocery bills this Thanksgiving. Over the course of an hour, those players covered the cost of groceries for every shopper in the store.

One customer said it was a true thrill to meet some of the players.

“He shook my hand and asked if I was a Seahawks fan and I said ‘yes’ and he said he’d like to pay for my groceries. My whole wall is Seahawks, so it’s awesome,” Scott Larson said, via KING 5.

Obviously, fans want to see their favorite teams win on Sundays. But these are the stories that make sports so cool.