NFL Fans Have a Lot to Say About Alvin Kamara After TNF

by Suzanne Halliburton
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Alvin Kamara, the New Orleans Saints star, probably didn’t realize that he riled up social media Thursday night. NFL fans were convinced he was being misused against the Arizona Cardinals.

Meanwhile, Kamara stood up before his team minutes after they lost to the Cardinals, 42-34, and called for accountability. Saints receiver Tre’Quan Smith told reporters about the Alvin Kamara come-to-Jesus moment with the rest of the team. New Orleans is an uncharacteristic 2-5 this season.

“AK said, ‘We’ve got to find our spot.’ This losing mentality, that’s not Saints football. We’re not used to it,” Smith said. “We’ve got to really police ourselves, hold our own selves accountable, hold our teammates accountable.”

Sports journalist Chris Rosvoglou tweeted: “Still can’t believe Alvin Kamara had to be the one to address the team. I know he’s a captain, but the running back shouldn’t have to be the one to hand out the reality check. Especially when that player isn’t even being properly utilized in critical situations. Frustrating.”

Is Alvin Kamara Being Misused?

Alvin Kamara probably is the most versatile running back in the NFL. He obviously is adept at running the ball. And he also can catch. Last season, the former Tennessee Vol surpassed 3,000 career receiving yards. He already had surpassed that benchmark in rushing. That made him the quickest running back in NFL history to achieve the 3,000/3,000 career double.

NFL fans — and experts — were pondering why Kamara got so few touches the closer the Saints got to the red zone. Robert Griffin III, the former No. 2 pick of the NFL draft, tweeted “They giving Taysom Hill all of Alvin Kamara’s Touchdowns.”

Hill is the former BYU quarterback who the Saints use at multiple positions. But neither Hill nor Kamara actually scored on the ground Thursday night. But Hill did catch a three-yard pass for a TD.

Another observer wrote: “I’ve never seen a team scheme the ball away from their best player more than the Saints do to Alvin Kamara.”

An NFL fan wrote “Alvin Kamara starts the game 2/20, gets taken out after two plays, gets back on the field mid second drive and runs for 7 yards, and then gets taken off the field again – Losing ball clubs make losing decisions.”

The Saints dug themselves a huge early hole. Andy Dalton, the New Orleans quarterback, threw interceptions on consecutive drives in the second quarter. And here’s what made it worse. The Cardinals returned both picks for touchdowns to give them a 28-14 lead at halftime.

Alvin Kamara rushed 11 times for 49 yards. And he caught a team-high seven passes for 56 yards. But through 2022, Kamara still hasn’t scored a TD.