NFL Fans Impressed as Patriots Third-String QB Bailey Zappe Gives Aaron Rodgers a Run for His Money

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Just when you least expect it, a star in the NFL can emerge. Patriots third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe showed out against the Packers. Aaron Rodgers had a hard time keeping up with the young passer. Mac Jones was out heading into the weekend and so Zappe and Brian Hoyer took passing duties.

That Patriots offense has a lot of great weapons to choose from. So, Bailey Zappe made sure to share it with a few receivers. He hit up Nelson Agholor, DeVante Parker, Rhamondre Stevenson, and others with passes in the afternoon game.

Here he is throwing his first NFL touchdown to Parker.

His performance has been very impressive for fans watching at home.

Fans Impressed with Bailey Zappe

When you’re watching a quarterback play for the first time, it can be a horrifying experience or an amazing one. Bailey Zappe was entertaining and made it a tough game on the Packers. In fact, the third-string player looks better than many starters out there.

For all you Hilltoppers out there, it has to be a good feeling to see Bailey Zappe show out on Sunday night. He had a great college career and he is ready to prove that the mid-majors are full of great talent. It’s not all about the Power 5!

It’s a tale as old as time. David versus Goliath. Who will win? The underdog fantasy is one that we all love to connect with, and that’s where fans had their hearts in this game. The third-string QB against one of the greatest of all time? You have to root for him.

Unfortunately for Bailey Zappe and the Patriots, they still had to play against Aaron Rodgers. This was a great coming-out party for Zappe, but it was all wiped away when the Packers sent a field goal through the uprights in overtime to seal up a 27-24 win.

By the end of this one, Zappe was 10/15 for 99 yards and a TD. He managed the offense well and made sure things didn’t blow up. Meanwhile, Rodgers completed 21/35 for 251 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.