NFL Fans Irate After DeAndre Hopkins Hit With Ridiculous Taunting Penalty During MNF

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

The NFL lived up to its “No Fun League” nickname as refs gave a taunting penalty to DeAndre Hopkins during Monday Night Football. The receiver is one of the most talented in the entire league. When the Arizona Cardinal player decided to show off a bit after breaking a pair of tackles, it was too much for the officials.

It looks like Colt McCoy knows how to sling the ball out to these talented receivers. The game plan has been well drawn up and that led to big plays like this one from DeAndre Hopkins. When he counted the tackles he broke by pointing at the two players in question, an official tossed the flag.

We know how the NFL is and how much they love to crack down on fun moments. Fans were not happy when the flag was thrown on this play.

As you can expect, fans did not appreciate the call. For years, the NFL has been criticized for having rules around taunting. These are grown men playing a sport professionally, surely they can take a few points and small trash talk.

Fans Want NFL to Let DeAndre Hopkins Play

Just let the player do what they do. That’s all fans want. What makes sports leagues like the NBA so fun is the personality that you get out of the players. They aren’t filtered or shut off. NFL players have to be careful though. DeAndre Hopkins was just the latest.

“I’m like 25 mins behind on my DVR and the Hopkins taunting penalty was hilarious,” one fan said.

Another fan was quick to point out that while Hopkins is talented, he doesn’t get special treatment like others appear to get. This was going to get called no matter what.

“DeAndre Hopkins is definitely not a protected player in the NFL,” they tweeted. “Gets called for a ridiculous taunting penalty early in the game and the officials causally miss an obvious personal foul when he was pushed well out of bounds into the camera crew.”

The 49ers were definitely not feeling bad about the calls. They capitalized and ended up taking the ball back to flip the script. It led to a San Francisco touchdown.

“The entire momentum shifted when Hopkins got that penalty for taunting… literally an interception lead to a touchdown.”

So, another game and another disappointing taunting call. Maybe the NFL will get this right one day. DeAndre Hopkins will no doubt be catching another huge pass any time now.