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NFL Fans Sing National Anthem at Chiefs-Bengals Game Amid Technical Difficulties: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Prior to the highly anticipated Kansas City Chiefs versus Cincinnati Bengals AFC Championship Game, fans joined in for the National Anthem due to technical difficulties.

Singer and songwriter Ashanti was notably set to sing the national anthem during the Chiefs game on Sunday (January 30th) but experienced some technical issues with her sound equipment during the performance. One NFL fan took to Twitter with a clip of the performance. “I feel so bad Ashanti had to deal with microphone issues during the National Anthem. But, the crowd in [Kansas City] understood the assignment and sang along.”

Another NFL fan shared on the social media platform their thoughts about the Chiefs and Bengals fans joining in. “Don’t think I’ve ever heard a stadium crowd sing along to the National Anthem this loudly before.”

One of the Cincinnati sports reporters also shared a clip of Ashanti doing a soundcheck at the Chief’s stadium hours before her appearance on the field. 

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Talks Final Push to Return to the Super Bowl 

Earlier this month Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes spoke about the team’s final push to return to the Super Bowl. While speaking to NBC Sports, Mahomes stated, “It’s something that you have to earn every single day. Every single year. I think I found out a lot after this last Super Bowl of how tough it is just to get to the Super Bowl and win.”

The Kansas City Chiefs player also shared that he and the team are trying to get back to Super Bowl and win again. “Not just get there. I know that coming off that field after a win and coming off that field after a loss are two drastically different feelings. And I’m not trying to have that loss feeling again.”

Mahomes Talks Chiefs Progress Throughout the 2021 NFL Season

Also speaking about the growth he has made since the start of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs quarter tells Arrowhead Pride, “I think the biggest area of growth is that I’ve just learned to be patient. I’ve learned to take what’s here; take the underneath stuff; probably the most I’ve ever thrown to the running backs and stuff like that.”

The Chiefs player further explained that he has an aggressive nature and just wants to push the ball down the field. “But defenses have forced me to learn how to drive the length of the field. And I think we’ve done a great job of that as the season’s gone on.”

In regards to the Chiefs’ growth as a whole, Mahomes said that he and his teammates have made a lot of big drives happen. They have also driven the length of the field. “But we haven’t lost our explosiveness. And when defenses do present man courage or safety middle zone courage where they come down and give s a chance to throw it deep, I think we’re still hitting those.”