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NFL Fans Lose It After Spotting Raiders Owner Mark Davis Sitting With Ice Cube During Thursday Night Football

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)

While watching Thursday Night Football you might have noticed a special guest in the box with Raiders owner Mark Davis – Ice Cube. The rapper-actor superstar was in attendance for the Raiders game against the Rams. While it was a home game officially for the LA NFL team, there was a lot of silver and black in the stands.

The most important fan, and definitely the most famous, was Ice Cube. He sat next to Davis and the two gave a little salute to the camera as they were sown on TV and the big screen. You know if the Raiders have a big game that Cube is going to be there if he can be.

While the rapper has been associated with the Raiders for a while, some were shocked to see him. It was an abrupt appearance on Prime’s Thursday Night Football. However, it makes a ton of sense. Why wouldn’t one of the team’s most high-profile fans show up to a game with so much on the line?

Fans loved seeing the two together. No one knows why, other than the fact they look like an unlikely duo. Mark Davis and his infamous haircut look comical compared to Ice Cube’s tough stare.

“What do you think Ice Cube and Mark Davis talk about?” one fan asked. A very interesting thing to think about.

NFL Fans Love Seeing Ice Cube on Thursday Night Football

People love seeing Ice Cube. He’s a household name and there aren’t many folks that have a bad thing to say about him. From rapping to movies, he’s made a lot of great material that people love. However, seeing him in the owner’s box with Mark Davis was weird given what he once said about Mark’s father.

“Stopped givin’ juice to the Raiders, ‘Cuz Al Davis, never paid us -Ice Cube. Maybe Mark is different,” one fan tweeted, referencing the lyrics.

While a lot of fans were surprised, others knew it was coming. As soon as they saw the Raiders were in prime time, it was the easiest bet they could make. FanDuel is lucky they didn’t put a prop out for this because they would’ve had to pay out a lot.

“They say there are no locks in betting but Ice Cube being at a prime time Raiders game in LA is as close as you can get,” another fan tweeted.

This game ended with a wild fourth-quarter drive by Baker Mayfield that sunk the Raiders’ hopes of winning. Just like we all predicted, right?