NFL Fans Are Losing It Over Antonio Brown’s Shirtless Mid-Game Exit

by Amy Myers

One heated display on the sidelines turned into a career-ending moment for Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown. Now, NFL fans are responding to the fiasco.

The Tampa Bay player lost himself in a moment of frustration during today’s game against the New York Jets. During the third quarter, Antonio Brown became so upset that he ripped off his shoulder pads, jersey, and base layer before heading back to the locker room. Following the dramatic display, Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians dismissed the incident and the player from the team, reporting that Brown is “no longer a Buc.”

Not surprisingly, the reactions to the situation were a mix of anger, hilarity, and just downright disbelief. After all, Antonio Brown didn’t just end his career with the Bucc’s – he basically walked away from the entire organization.

Here’s what some NFL fans had to say about Antonio Brown’s display.

“done for ever I guess. Tom was the only reason he got that chance down there. No way another team signs him,” one watcher wrote.

“ya, this is easily the worst thing he’s ever done,” another concurred.

NFL Fans Fear for Antonio Brown’s Mental Health

Others, meanwhile, worried for Brown’s well-being. Concussions and head injuries have long been an issue in the NFL community, and some fans believe that the wide receiver’s recent actions are evidence of permanent damage from his career on the field. Instead of focusing on Brown’s future with the game, they turned the conversation to his mental health.

“Instead of joking, someone should be trying to get him some help. He’s clearly showing signs of CTE. Why can’t NFL teams do what they do for players when they’re down the way they do for them when they can help them win?” one fan said.

One fan even referenced the hit that they believe was responsible for Antonio Brown’s aggravated behavior. During a game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Brown sustained a direct hit to the head back when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. After the hit, Brown laid flat on the field for several minutes before he recovered.

You can see the moment here.

Regarding the clip, another NFL fan stated, “I’m glad some people have started talking about this. I’ve thought for a long time that he was never the same after that. Just seems like he was happy and hinged, and then not too long after that is when he seemed to go south. Could be a coincidence. But I doubt it.”

In this regard, some fans even believe that Antonio Brown shouldn’t necessarily receive punishment for his actions. Instead, they believe he should get help from medical professionals that can examine the impact of the hits on his personality and behavior.

“If we care about mental health as much as we say we do…he should get help and not necessarily be punished. I think he’s troubled but he can redeem himself,” a fellow watcher suggested.