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NFL Fans Not Sure How to Feel About Colts on MNF After Historic Comeback Loss

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts are back for Monday Night Football and NFL fans don’t know what to think about this team. Nick Foles is now the quarterback. Matt Ryan will sit on the sideline. They are facing the Los Angeles Chargers at home. Oh, and they just blew a 33-point lead last week against the Vikings.

These factors and more have led to a lot of fans feeling unsure. The Colts on MNF doesn’t sound like a fun game. It doesn’t feel like the Colts can even compete in this matchup when you think about how talented Justin Herbert is, and how bad Indy has been this season.

When you look at this graphic, it doesn’t really instill a lot of faith in the team. That won’t stop some from being optimistic, though.

Call them crazy, but there are some folks out there convincing themselves that the Colts are going to get the job done on MNF.

Can Colts Win on MNF?

With Nick Foles at quarterback, who knows what will happen? But the Colts on MNF are not a team I would be dying to support. That won’t stop the glass-half-full folks from believing. Isn’t sports great?

“Can’t shake the feeling that the COlts will at best win outright or at worst cover the spread,” a fan on Twitter said. “Feel free to QT this to roast me later tonight when I’m wrong.” Don’t worry, we’ve got you written down, Dahlia.

When you start to look for the Foles Magic in this scenario, then you might buy into the Colts narrative. Try this one on for size.

“Nick Foles got his first start of the season last year on December 26th and led the Bears to a surprise win,” Brendan Sugrue, a Bears writer and fan noted. “He gets his next start exactly one year later for the Colts. Maybe in another surprise win?” So, you’re saying there’s a chance?

For some, it is obvious.

“The Chargers will lose to the Colts tonight lmao it’s clear as day,” another fan said.

This argument depends on how you feel about the Chargers or Colts. Depending on which team you think sabotages themselves the most, that’s the one you think is going to lose. Let’s see if these teams get in a battle of who wants to not win the most.