NFL Fans Peeved As 2021 Draft Lasts Late Into the Night

by Quentin Blount

There were more than 50,000 fans slated to attend Thursday night’s 2021 NFL Draft. But both the fans in person, and the fans online have been irritated about how long the event takes. And we aren’t even talking about the entire event, just the first round of seven altogether.

Ever since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl back in February, teams, and fans have been chomping at the bit for the NFL Draft to start. It’s always the start of something new. It signals the start of a new season, and every fan base has hope for a brighter future.

However, as fans are longing for those feelings of joy and hope, many of them have to wait hours to hear their favorite team select a player. One fan took to Twitter to say that it shouldn’t take more than two hours to have the first round in the books.

“This is like a fantasy draft where you just can’t understand how people are taking so… Damn… Long… To draft,” he wrote. “No friggin excuse for 32 picks to take more than 2 hours.”

And he may have a point. Each team is given 10 minutes on the clock to make their selection. And in addition to every organization’s allotted time, there are the mandatory ad and commercial breaks. Altogether, it isn’t unusual for the first round of the draft to end up lasting four or five hours.

One Pittsburgh Steelers fan gave her thoughts on how long it took to get to pick number 24.

“This draft is taking forever,” she commented. “I will literally fall asleep before the Steelers pick @ #24.”

NFL Fans Continue to Express Frustration With Late Draft

NFL fans have been waiting months for the 2021 NFL Draft to arrive. And while the entire spectacle is great — especially for fans of the teams with top picks — the fans of teams at the back often have to wait hours to hear who their team will be taking. Just ask this Bills fan:

“The only good thing about being a Bills fan during the dark ages is that we picked early in the draft and didn’t have to wait,” one fan joked. “This is taking too long lol.”

Meanwhile, another fan on Twitter offered up his thoughts on the late-night event as well. As of right now, the second round of the draft is scheduled to start tomorrow night. But at the rate the first round is going, he says that his nine-year-old child might be eligible for the draft come round two.

“This is taking so long my 9 year old might be eligible for the draft by round two #NFLDraft2021.