NFL Fans React To Saints Heartbreaking Double Doink Loss to the Vikings in London

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Following the New Orleans Saints’ heartbreaking double doink loss to the Minnesota Vikings in London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, NFL fans took to Twitter to share their reactions.

The NFL shared the video of the final field goal kick which resulted in the double doink and the score of 28-25. “It hit the upright AND crossbar,” the officials confirmed. “VIKINGS WIN VIKINGS WIN.”

Obviously, NFL fans had a lot to say on Twitter about that final play. “NFL Referees handed that game to Minnesota,” one fan declared about the double doink situation. “2 bad calls on that touchdown drive.” 

An NFL critic also came after the referees with the calls and completely called out the football league in general. “Refs must be popping the champagne. Your league is a disgrace.”

Meanwhile, the Viking fans were pretty happy about the double doink incident on the field. “3-1 baby,” a fan tweeted with a picture of the Vikings’ current standing in the NFC North. 

New Orleans Saints Kicker Wil Lutz Talks About Double Doink Field Goal 

Following the tough loss against the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints Kicker Wil Lutz spoke about the double doink field goal incident. 

“I thought they were both in,” Lutz stated. “I hit them both on the screws… I’m still kind of in shock the second one didn’t go in.”

This is the third consecutive loss for the New Orleans Saints and drops the team down to a 1-3 record so far in 2022. Along with the double doink, the Saints were also called for 10 penalties for 102 yards. It was noted that five of the penalties gave the Vikings a first down. 

Speaking about the end of the Vikings game, Saints Coach Dennis Allen shared, “[It was a] frustrating way to lose that game.” 

Lutz previously opened up about feeling strong after recovering from a core muscle injury. “The biggest challenge was kind of understand the recovery side of coming off an injury like this,” he shared in August. “I feel strong, I feel explosive. I feel like I’m hitting the ball better than I’ve ever hit it.”

Lutz also stated that the most frustrating part of his injury was the “mental battle” he dealt with. “It was just frustrating when you go through an injury like that when you think you’re healed and you’re not and you think you’re healed then you’re not. I never knew when I was healed, and that was the hard part.”

Punter Blake Gillikin then revealed that Lutz’s body isn’t a “limitation’: anymore. It’s just now a matter of his “mental fortitude” getting back to where it was before the injury. “Now that I’ve kind of worked through that and I’ve been able to produce like I was before the injury, I’ve got no concerns moving forward.”