NFL Fans React to Shocking Video of Antonio Brown Exposing Himself to Hotel Guests

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Former NFL receiver Antonio Brown is back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. The latest incident involves the former Pittsburgh Steeler and Tampa Bay Buccaneer exposing himself to guests at a Dubai hotel.

The hotel received reports of a man (Brown) inappropriately exposing himself at the pool. He also allegedly harassed a woman he had just met.

Fans from across the NFL reacted to Brown’s appalling actions. After seeing the video from the New York Post, one individual labeled the incident as “sexual assault.”

Many expressed complete disgust by Brown’s actions.

“That Antonio Brown video was the last thing I needed on my feed at 9:30 on a Saturday,” wrote Chris Castellani of Barstool Sports.

Another person on social media labeled Brown as a “bad dude,” for the latest controversial actions.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that fans across the league are fed up with Brown’s antics.

More on Antonio Brown’s Appalling Actions

Guests voiced multiple complaints towards Antonio Brown’s action at the hotel. There were several reported issues involving the former receiver.

Things turned more physical in the pool when Brown attempted to put a scarf on a woman’s head in the pool. When she removed it, he picked her up and slammed her into the water. The hotel declined to comment on the situation.

A report indicates that Brown was asked to leave the pool after the incident. Other complaints indicate Brown walked around the hotel shirtless, a violation of United Arab Emirates dress code. He allegedly smoked marijuana in his hotel room, which violates the country’s law.

Brown was in the United Arab Emirates to perform for Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s boxing-ring entrance for an exhibition fight in Abu Dhabi.