NFL Fans React to the Controversial New Overtime Rules for Playoff Games

by Suzanne Halliburton

Remember when Kansas City beat Buffalo in the playoffs? NFL fans went ballistic about the overtime rules, complaining that the Bills never got the chance to answer the Chiefs touchdown.

The NFL listened to all the outrage that went on for days on social media. Owners, during their meeting in Palm Beach. Fla., tweaked the overtime rules. Now, both teams are guaranteed a chance on offense if a playoff game goes to overtime.

NFL Fans Got Their New Overtime Rules

  • Owners approved an OT rule change during Tuesday meeting.
  • Starting this season, both teams will get at least one offensive possession in OT. Previously, if a team scored a TD on opening drive, the game was over.
  • This change is only for playoff games.

So how did NFL fans react? Let’s take it to Twitter.

“The NFL literally changed the overtime rules because everyone and their mom wanted to see this guy throw the football more,” tweeted Kyle Nap.

Buffalo-KC Playoff Game Prompted Rule Change

Yes, that’s Josh Allen in the photo. He’s the Buffalo Bills quarterback who battled with Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes in an AFC Divisional playoff game, giving NFL audiences one of the best contests ever. And that’s not hyperbole. The final two minutes of regulation at Arrowhead Stadium that Sunday were intense.

Allen led Buffalo on a 17-play, 75-yard drive to go up by three with two minutes to go. Game over? Hardly. KC receiver Tyreek Hill scored from 64 yards out to give the Chiefs the lead with 1:02 to go. Nope, wasn’t over. Allen hit Gabriel Davis for the receiver’s fourth TD of the game to give the Bills the lead with 13 seconds to go. But no lead was safe. A Kansas City field goal sent the game into overtime.

The Chiefs won the coin toss. And going against an exhausted defense, Kansas City won the game after an eight-play touchdown drive. Fans, everywhere, huffed a collective “wait, what?” when the game ended with Allen and the Bills offense unable to respond. But that was sudden death.

But NFL fans weren’t only singling out Buffalo when discussing the new overtime rules. There were several what about scenarios.

“Imagining what might have happened for Packers in 2014, not to mention 2015, under the NFL’s new postseason overtime rules. And how that might have bolstered Aaron Rodgers’ legacy.”

Twice, Green Bay Suffered Same Playoff Fate as Buffalo

If you’re unfamiliar with those Green Bay games, here’s what happened. The Packers lost to Seattle after the Seahawks scored a touchdown on their first possession in OT in January, 2015. A year later, Green Bay suffered the same fate, but this time at the hands of Arizona.

The reaction from other fans also was tempered. For one, the rule change is only for playoff games, not regular season contests.

One fan wrote: “NFL changing overtime rules …… for playoffs only? Why? If it’s crap in the playoffs it’s crap in the regular season??”

Another wrote: “That new NFL overtime rule change is bogus smh… they just need to make overtime an whole new 10 min quarter of play and whoever has the lead at the end of the quarter wins.”