NFL Fans React to Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen’s Prenup

by Jonathan Howard
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Reports are out about Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s prenup, showing that the two had a clear plan for their assets. Fans are reacting to the news in many ways. Of course, these two individuals are worth hundreds of millions of dollars individually and have their own businesses apart from one another.

The report said that the “ironclad prenup [was] set down before they married in 2009,” so the homes and things are all split up accordingly. Even the assets they acquired over the course of their 13-year marriage have been carefully sorted.

Fans are mostly making light of the situation. Hard to feel too bad about an NFL quarterback worth $333 million and a supermodel worth $400 million getting a divorce.

NFL Fans React to Tom Brady’s Prenup

There were a number of reactions, and they were mostly sarcastic and offhanded. Tom Brady and Gisele have been in the news a lot lately as they go through this divorce and folks seem to be a little overexposed to the whole situation at this point.

One fan wrote, “Brady lost everything. Now lives on Jim Gray’s couch.”

Another fan took the time to post a gif stating “I don’t care.” That’s one way to make sure that your point gets across.

“Hey they had a great run.” Now that’s something nice to say about this. So, kudos to Gerald for being optimistic about his whole thing.

“Brady should get half of whatever Gisele has,” an anonymous account tweeted, seeming to joke about the fact Gisele is worth more than her seven-time Super Bowl-winning ex-husband.

Splitting the Properties

You know the wild thing about all of this is learning how many properties Tom Brady and his ex-wife own. Gisele Bündchen is one of the most recognizable people in the entire world. As the highest-paid supermodel ever, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have some vacation homes all over.

There’s the main mansion in Miami, which is still being built, but Brady will keep it. Then there’s the home in Costa Rica where Gisele and the kids visit often. That’s going to remain with Gisele. As is the apartment in New York City where she has been staying during their separation.

This isn’t the end of it though. There is a home in the Bahamas and another that is part of the Yellowstone Club in Montana. It’s a good thing they had a prenup because all of this would be too much to figure out.