NFL Fans Report Buffering, Bad Quality During Amazon’s Thursday Night Football Broadcast

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight is the first NFL Thursday Night Football game aired on Amazon Prime. Right now, fans aren’t too happy with the debut for many reasons. Jeff Bezos himself is in the house to take in the action. Even though the big boss himself was at Arrowhead Stadium, there were issues with buffering and other quality problems during the broadcast.

When it comes to NFL football – fans are always taking things seriously. Don’t mess with their product. It seems like the new Thursday Night Football host is going to have to figure things out for the next game because fans are not feeling it.

NFL Amazon Broadcast Issues

Neither one of these fans had a good experience during the game. Video and audio issues started to happen, with things getting out of sync. Streaming can be difficult because of all of the things you need to go right. From the crew on the field to the internet in your home – all of it factors in.

Still, it seems like these issues were widespread.

Even though streaming is a new experience for some, others have been doing it for years. There are all kinds of ways to get access to games and apps and websites and more. This fan says they have never had issues like this before. Buffering and freezing during the broadcast led to more frustration from NFL fans watching on Amazon.

Some might say, “Well, wifi is not the best, and sometimes other factors are at play.” Tell that to this user who has internet speeds as fast as lightning, is hardwire connected, and still is having issues with the buffering. That’s got to be maddening.

Jeff Bezos Takes in Game With Roger Goodell

During the broadcast, fans also reacted to seeing Roger Goodell and Jeff Bezos sitting together. The Amazon CEO was in the house for the big TNF debut. The screenshots made their way around Twitter and there might be a new meme on our hands. Bezos was cracking up at something while Goodell remained stonefaced as he watched the game on the field.

It is a shame when the product on the field isn’t the most talked about part of the game. It should be. But when you have issues with the broadcast like tonight, and a great meme-worthy moment like tonight – what are you supposed to do?

The NFL is America’s league, all eyes are watching at all times. Buffering or not.