NFL Fans Rip Questionable Pass Interference Call During Commanders, Eagles Monday Night Football Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

This Commanders and Eagles Monday Night Football game is better than expected early on. Fans are not happy about a pass interference call, though. NFL viewers are the world’s best armchair referees. If there is something that fans are going to question, it’s yellow flags.

When you see contact between two players on a pass play, you think that the refs will let it go. However, the official on the far side of the play decided that the contact was too much. Commanders’ defender Benjamin St-Juste was called for the flag and the Eagles were put into great field position.

Honestly, with how DeVonta Smith was catching the ball, the pass interference was probably the best thing. It wouldn’t stop the Eagles from scoring, though. They went up 14-7 early during Monday Night Football.

Watching the play unfold, there sure have been more aggressive plays in the past. Some would argue there have been plays that have had more contact and gone uncalled. That’s the beauty of football, isn’t it?

NFL Fans Hate Pass Interference Call on Monday Night Football

According to one NFL fan, refs just don’t know what to call anymore. There are too many nuances to the plays and now they just can’t get it right. While that seems a bit far-fetched, it’s interesting to think about at least. What do you think, Outsiders?

“Let’s just say it… pass interference it’s broken. Refs don’t know when it is or isn’t PI and it’s not getting better,” a fan tweeted.

“Ref show in [Monday Night Football]. We have a ref calling pass interference from 50 yards away but the guy 5 yards away doesn’t throw it. Cmon man. That’s just ridiculous,” another fan said.

That’s where a lot of the aggravation is coming from. Fans couldn’t understand why the ref away from the ball made the call. There was an official on the sideline right where it happened. So, what’s the deal?

“It’s one of the worst pass interference calls. Makes you really question what is and isn’t pass interference. Just throw a flag on a whim,” a Washington fan complained.

There’s a lot to be mad about during an NFL game. However, frustrating calls will remain at the top of that list forever. Monday Night Football viewers did not appreciate the call and let it be known. Who knows what difference this will end up having on the final score?