NFL Fans Rip Troy Aikman for ‘Uncalled For’ Shot at Indiana Football

by Dustin Schutte
Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage

Apparently, Troy Aikman didn’t heed the wise words of his mother when he was growing up. His failure to understand the saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” has him in hot water with some NFL fans.

During ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, Aikman made a joke at the expense of Indiana football. Fans in the NFL — and of the Hoosiers — didn’t think it was all that funny … even if it was kinda true.

In the fourth quarter, former Indiana tight end and current Cowboys player Peyton Hendershot hauled in a pass, hurdled a defender and picked up a first down. After the play, Joe Buck made the comment, “And making the Indiana Hoosiers football program proud.”

Aikman added his own jab at Indiana by adding, “Doesn’t take much, does it?” The former Cowboys quarterback immediately regretted it, saying, “That’s not fair. I’m sorry.”

Some on social media had some thoughts about Aikman’s shot at the Hoosiers.

“Troy Aikman is scared his UCLA team is going to be swept by Indiana when they join the Big Ten,” one user said. “I feel bad for him! It’s true!”

“Troy Aikman critical of Indiana football but not Dallas Cowboys football is so predictable,” another wrote. “Reminder, the team from Dallas has not played in an NFC Championship game since 1995.”

Some Found Troy Aikman’s Indiana Joke Funny

While Troy Aikman did face some backlash for his snarky remark on Monday night, some thought the commentator’s words were funny … and factual.

In its history, the Hoosiers have posted a 489–687–45 record with just 13 bowl appearances. It’s one of the losingest programs in the history of college football.

“He didn’t lie, though,” someone wrote.

Another chimed in by saying, “As someone from Indiana (and actually had Hendershots Mom as a teacher in Elementary School) He’s not wrong.”

There was a bit of a mixed reaction to Aikman’s comment. But the former quarterback thought he crossed a line in that moment, so he probably won’t say something like that in the near future.