NFL Fans Roast the Giants and Cowboys After Postgame ‘Fight’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Cowboys and Giants are rivals for sure. There have been some scraps and shoves in the past, but NFL fans were laughing at this postgame “fight.” It really wasn’t much but shuffling around and talking, but it caught the attention of fans in the stands and those watching at home.

This game started out about as flat as it could. A 6-3 halftime lead for Dallas was soon flipped into a 13-6 lead for the Giants after Saquon Barkley scored the first touchdown of the game. From there, it was an offensive battle to close the game. Dallas took the win with a CeeDee Lamb touchdown and a late field goal for a 23-16 final score.

Check out the scuffle that unfolded after the game.

As far as fights go, the Giants and Cowboys had a small disagreement really. There were likely more serious fights elsewhere in and around the stadium on Monday night if we’re being honest. No one wants to see a fight, but then again everyone wants to see a fight, right?

It was probably for the bets that this is all that became of this moment, but you know some fans are just waiting to see something break out on the field. I mean, those linemen put their helmets back on for a reason, right?

Fans Crack Jokes About Giants and Cowboys Fight

One thing that was clear, fans thought it was funnier than anything that this little scrum broke out between the two teams. It was after the game, and some players were even shaking hands and having conversations between teams. It just boiled over for a second it seems.

This fan didn’t even think they could do the fight right… which isn’t wrong.

This fan just wants these players to show some respect. I mean, I don’t know if I’d say that to those Giants linemen’s faces, but you can tweet whatever you want. That’s fair.

This fan knows who their team is, has been, and will always be and that’s why they are a fan. We love when the fanbase is self-aware of the traits that everyone says your team has and instead of denying it, you embrace it. Cowboys fans should embrace the villain role, especially while Cooer Rush is in the backfield. Nothing like having a backup QB win games for you.