NFL Fans Roast Joe Buck During Super Bowl LV, ‘Thankful’ He’s Not Calling Game

by Clayton Edwards

There are some things that sports fans can agree on. Going into Super Bowl LV, everyone had their predictions. Some are hoping to see Brady lead the bucks to a victory. Others would love to see Brady take a big fat L after leaving the Pats. However, many NFL fans have come together over one thing: they hate commentator Joe Buck.

Joe Buck is the lead play-by-play commentator for Fox Sports’ MLB and NFL coverage. Many fans utterly loathe him. Tonight, NFL fans around the country are taking to Twitter to express their excitement that Buck will not be calling the big game.

A handful of fans are on Twitter defending Joe Buck, but they are completely outnumbered. Several Twitter users are saying that the best part about tonight’s game is the lack of the Fox commentator. To them, it seems like they don’t much care who takes home the Lombardy Trophy. They already won just because they don’t have to listen to Buck.

One NFL fan is going so far as to thank Jesus for the lack of Buck in this year’s Super Bowl.

Another fan is willing to do what it takes to never listen to Buck again. Even if they have to come out of pocket for it.

Twitter user @Frocha727 has changed their opinion on the whole year after learning that Buck would not be calling the Super Bowl. “No Joe Buck, 2021 starting to look ok. Super Bowl 2021”

At the same time, other fans are finding that they are enjoying the game more than usual this year. Twitter user @VaNatsFan summed it up, “I just realized I’m enjoying this #SuperBowl a little more than usual because it’s on CBS and so I don’t have to listen to Joe Buck.”

The Hate for Joe Buck Isn’t New

A good portion of NFL and MLB fans are fed up with Joe Buck. Some just don’t like his personality. Others believe that he is a biased commentator. Either way, he doesn’t have many fans in the NFL or MLB world.

Fans of the Green Bay Packers actually started a petition last year to ban Joe Buck and Troy Aikman from commentating on Green Bay games. The petition reads, “On behalf of the Green Bay Packers fans across the world, we would like action taken to prohibit them from giving their constant negative input about our team. We are sick of the biased announcing always coming from them.”

Whether he’s biased or not, you can’t deny that many sports fans can’t stand the sound of Joe Buck’s voice.