NFL Fans Roast Tony Gonzalez for Using Blanket During Thursday Night Football Pre-Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

While Tony Gonzalez is more justified tonight than he was earlier this season, his NFL Thursday Night Football attire is still getting joked on. Gonzalez just can’t catch a break. He’s worn gloves, a scarf, and other winter attire at times. That was when it was in the 60s. Now it’s actually cold and he’s got a blanket.

That’s right, Tony Gonzalez is getting all cozy and warm on the sideline. That Thursday Night Football broadcast team is definitely not inside, so they have to brave the weather. While he played in the NFL for many years, let’s remember that was spent in Atlanta.

To put it simply, the former tight end does not like the cold weather. And fans think it is hilarious.

They were not alone in their ridicule. Tony Gonzalez has really earned a lot of critics this season, and it has nothing to do with football.

Fans Can’t Stop Laughing at Tony Gonzalez’s Blanket

The Amazon NFL crew has earned a lot of respect this season. It didn’t sound like an all-star crew at first. However, with the combination of former players, fresh out of the league, an elder like Gonzalez, and of course the talented Charissa Thompson has worked this season.

Now if Tony Gonzalez would just deal with the cold like a normal person.

“Tony Gonzalez was wearing a scarf & gloves in September. It’s now November & he’s in a blanket. How’s he gonna be dressing in January?” a fan tweeted.

Now, Green Bay is cold this time of year. There is legit snow falling as this game is being played. So, Gonzalez kinda has the right to bundle up. That weather ain’t no joke in Wisconsin and the wind is the worst of it all. But, if it gets colder, Tony might just quit.

“Tony Gonzalez is about to rage quit from that cold,” a fan said. “Cuddling a blanket on national tv.”

The players on the field are nice and warm from the heaters on the sideline, running around and playing during the game, and let’s not forget those giant jackets that cover their entire bodies. Can we get a space heater or something, like you see at bars when it gets cold?

If not, we might just lose Tony Gonzalez due to the weather.