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NFL Fans Are Roasting Lions-Bears Game Promotion

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

As it is each and every year, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday will feature an NFL matchup during the day.

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate family, friendships, and return thanks for all the freedoms we enjoy. It’s a day where there is no such thing as over-eating and diets be damned in favor of a feast of delicious foods. Watching an NFL football game on Thanksgiving day is as much a tradition as carving a turkey. The Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions typically host games on Thanksgiving day and this year is no different. The Dallas Cowboys will host the Las Vegas Raiders in what should be an excellent matchup of potential playoff contenders. The other game — well, don’t expect a high-scoring affair.

NFL fans are expecting the Lions and Bears matchup to be a snooze fest. Making matters worse is that both teams will be starting their backup quarterback in the game. Still, the NFL has to find a way to market the game.

NFL Fans Had a field day with this graphic and the responses are hilarious.

“Worst Thanksgiving game ever,” one fan says.

“Oh boy. I can’t wait to see Andy Dalton and Timothy Boyle slug it out,” another says sarcastically.

“I’d almost rather talk to my family,” another NFL fan says.

The consensus appears to be that this game will likely not do well in the ratings as most say they won’t be tuning in. Of course, an NFL game, no matter who is playing, is a draw to serious football fans.

NFL Bottom Dwellers Will Clash on Thanksgiving Day

The winless Detroit Lions will take the 3-7 Chicago Bears with virtually nothing but NFL draft positioning on the line. It would actually benefit both teams to lose more than to win this NFC North matchup. The loser will be set up nicely in the 2022 NFL draft with a high pick. The Detroit Lions are currently on pace to get the first overall draft pick in the 2022 Draft. Both teams are near the bottom of NFC rankings.

The other Thanksgiving Day matchup might be worth watching. The Las Vegas Raiders are 5-5 on the season and have a shot at making the NFL playoffs later this year. The Cowboys are 7-3 and sit alone atop the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles behind them in a distant second place.

It isn’t just the NFL that plays on Thanksgiving Day. The annual Egg Bowl will also take Thursday night. The game will see to excellent college football team face off as the Mississippi State Bulldogs take on the Ole Miss Rebels.