NFL Fans Rush to Terry Bradshaw’s Defense After Sunday’s Broadcast Struggles

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Terry Bradshaw is nothing short of an NFL icon. Drafted by the Steelers in 1970, Bradshaw played 14 seasons with Pittsburgh, winning four Super Bowl titles and leaving multiple broken records in his wake. To say he had a successful career as a player would be an understatement, and he only continued to add to his incredible legacy when it was done.

After taking his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Terry Bradshaw debuted as an analyst on Fox NFL Sunday in 1994. And for nearly 30 years, Bradshaw has entertained NFL fans across the country with his endless football knowledge and “ol’ redneck” shtick.

Recently, however, fans have begun to worry about the 74-year-old broadcasting legend, claiming that he’s constantly “messing up” while narrating highlights. Last year, Terry Bradshaw himself questioned how much longer he would be able to handle the job, but remains determined to continue.

“I’m 73. There’s a part of me that says, ‘How long can you do television?’” he explained to Men’s Journal. “There’s a bit of insecurity there. But I’m not through, I can tell you that. I live to entertain.”

And while some fans have made it clear that they believe it’s well past time for the icon to retire, others are firmly on his side. “I believe in Terry Bradshaw!!” one fan exclaimed on Twitter. “I only watch Fox because of him,” another agreed.

Terry Bradshaw Sells His Ranch Amid Growing Concern Among Fans

As NFL fans’ uncertainty surrounding Terry Bradshaw’s professional life continues to grow, the football star is going through big changes in his personal life as well. Recently, the retired quarterback listed his 744-acre Oklahoma ranch for sale, asking a staggering $22.5 million for the sprawling property and custom-built home within it.

Though Terry Bradshaw has no intention of ending his broadcasting career anytime, he does feel that 744 acres are a little too much to handle at this stage of his life.

“[My wife] Tammy and I are both sad to leave this great big ranch and our wonderful home, which has been our idyllic retreat of so many years,” Bradshaw explained to the Dallas Morning News. “However, it is time that we slowed down a little, freeing us up to travel more as well as enjoy new grandchildren, family, and other interests.”