NFL Fans Left Scratching Their Heads Over Ed Sheeran Concert Before Buccaneers-Cowboys Game

by Kati Michelle

The NFL experienced quite the whirlwind of changes this year ahead of its much-anticipated kick-off.

First and foremost, fans voiced their opinions about the new dual anthem approach. This is the first of its kind, really shaking things up for the typical pre-ceremony approach.

The NFL also recently bagged a $110 billion dollar deal with Amazon and other networks. Oh yeah, and The Washington Football Team is still trying to figure out what to do with its name. Previously known as the Redskins, their original name garnered so much controversy they nixed it.

However, this one just isn’t working either. NFL fans are dealing with a lot of confusing changes this year, and the opening ceremony just really adds to the chaos. Ed Sheeran performed a concert ahead of the Buccaneers-Cowboys game and fans are left scratching their heads at the choice of opener. Here’s what they had to say.

NFL Fans Sound Off on Ed Sheeran Performance

So Ed Sheeran has a few awards and songwriting credits under his belt, what makes him qualified to lead the NFL’s opening ceremonies? That’s what fans want to know. His slow ballads and lovesick tunes don’t exactly get the crowd amped for a largely adrenaline-fueled sporting event. What was that old saying again? Oh yeah, follow the money. It seems to apply to this situation.

As the NFL gets older, it is also looking to expand its reach not only domestically, but internationally as well. What’s something that draws in a large audience? Pop music. Ed Sheeran consistently tops pop charts, and so the ceremony choice makes sense there. Sheeran even has a clothing line with the NFL.

During the concert, Sheeran performed his newest single, “Shivers,” for fans outside the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The live audience seemed largely uninterested. Twitter fans, on the other hand, were super interested– for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t the stage lighting or musician’s voice that drew them in, it was just how poor of a fit Sheeran and the NFL are together. Here are some of those spicy and scathing reviews:

@BengalYouTube wrote: “Ed Sheeran and the NFL go together like toothpaste and orange juice.”

@Redsearockies posed a question: “Why is Ed Sheeran doing the NFL concert and not our Lord and Savior Garth Brooks?”

Some Twitter users couldn’t even get out the right words for the situation, and so clown emojis sufficed.

Overall, this Tweet really sums up the fan reaction:

There’s something to be said for trying something new, I guess. But perhaps this is not the time or place to do that. Hopefully, the NFL is taking note of their now hilarious blunder and will think twice before putting their profit over their fans’ experience again. Then again, the reaction tweets in all the aftermath are pretty fun to scroll through…