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NFL Fans Scratching Their Heads After Refs Miss Obvious Pass Interference Call at End of Commanders-Giants

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

There will be no overtime in this game, and no 20-20 tie as the Giants beat the Commanders after a controversial no-call for pass interference. This game really came down to the last drive. The Commanders were in a position to tie the game if they could get into the endzone and get a two-point conversion. They didn’t get the chance.

The way the momentum was going, it felt like this was going to end with another trip to OT. However, Washington got into the red zone and things were falling apart. Taylor Heinicke had put together a solid final drive, but penalties shot the team in the foot.

Still, in the final play, Commanders fans felt like they were robbed. The pass fell incomplete on 4th & Goal, but the defense was all over the receiver. You bet the judge. Pass interference or not?

Sunday Night Football did not disappoint this week. When the NFL made the flex change to the schedule and put this one in prime time, it turns out they knew what they were doing. But folks are going to be talking about the no-call for pass interference rather than the rest of the game.

Even fans of other teams were upset for the Commanders.

“Goodness, the Commanders got screwed terribly. Obvious pass interference in the end zone by the Giants. Wow that was awful,” a fan tweeted after the game.

Commanders Fans in Disbelief at Missed Pass Interference

This game was just begging for a dramatic ending like this. There was no way that it was going to end any other way besides a final play touchdown or defensive stand. Throughout the game, we saw a back-and-forth between the teams. The Washington Commanders and New York Giants rivalry was actually competitive this season.

With an illegal formation penalty against the Commanders right before this play, it didn’t sit right with fans that the defensive pass interference call wasn’t made.

“Thank you (not) to the NFL referees who ignored the blatant pass interference on Curtis Samuel and cost Washington another chance,” a fan said.

This does come down to a few other moments in the game. Perhaps it is on the coaches that the Commanders lost. But one fan has their mind made up, and it’s the ownership that should be blamed.

“Even NYG fans will agree: the illegal formation call was soft, and that was 112% pass interference,” a fan tweeted. “But I’m blaming Dan Snyder, nonetheless. If we had a different owner, there would have been a different outcome.”

Another wild week in the NFL.