NFL Fans Sing National Anthem Along With NYPD Officer, Social Media Collectively Has Goosebumps

by Tia Bailey

It has been 21 years since the September 11 attacks. Many are remembering the tragic event. The NFL Sunday games also began today, and New York fans joined together to sing the national anthem.

The New York Jets are playing home today at MetLife Stadium. For the singing of the national anthem, instead of hiring one singer, the Jets opted for something a little more unique that would also honor the victims of 9/11. Brianna Fernandez, an NYPD officer, stepped up to the mic to lead the audience in singing. After a while, she stepped away and the crowed collectively sang it together.

The official Twitter account for the NFL shared the video with the caption: “On the 21st anniversary of #September11, fans at MetLife honor and remember with a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.”

Fans quote-tweeted and responded to the video, praising the move. One fan said: “This #NationAnthem song mostly by the crowd on #911Anniversary is so heartwrenching #NeverForget #FirstResponders.”

People loved that the crowd all came together to sing rather than just one person, and saw it as an inspiring act of solidarity.

Someone who was at the game tweeted about the moment, writing: “Whole entire crowd at MetLife just sung the national anthem together in honor of 9/11. Got legitimate chills.”

Tinashe Sings National Anthem at NFL Season Opener

Although it is the first NFL Sunday of the season, the season opener happened at the end of this week. The game was the Rams against the Bills. Pop star Tinashe took the stage at the beginning to sing the national anthem. Fans praised her performance.

Buffalo Bills reporter Jenna Cottrell tweeted about her performance, writing: “Tinashe just crushed the National Anthem at the #NFL opener @Tinashe Let’s goooo.”

The season opener featured several stunning acts. While Tinashe performed the national anthem, singer Halle Bailey, who is portraying Ariel in Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid this upcoming May, sang what is known as the Black National Anthem, “Life Every Voice & Sing.” Additionally, Ozzy Osbourne performed at halftime.

Fans were excitedly awaiting all three performances, and all of the performers sounded absolutely amazing.

NFL Gender Reveal Makes Viewers Happy

Also, at the Thursday night game, a new way to do a gender revealed was shown. A TikTok featuring Bill’s player Isiah McKenzie scored a touchdown. He then runs to the camera and says “It’s a boy!” revealing the gender of his sister’s baby. The fans and his family went wild, and fans are loving the creative reveal.

The official Twitter account for the Buffalo Bills tweeted the TikTok, captioning the tweet: “Football and family.”

A fan of the Bills and of McKenzie’s replied to the video, saying: “my face of the franchise.”