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NFL Fans Slam Amazon Over ‘Thursday Night Football’ Issues

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

While the 49ers and Seahawks go at it head-to-head on Thursday Night Football, a lot of fans are having a hard time watching. It has nothing to do with the product on the field. It has to do with the quality of the streaming service. Those same problems have never gone away.

This season started with a lot of folks having issues with the Thursday Night Football broadcast. Amazon might have the fancy new graphics, the young broadcast crew, and more – that doesn’t help when buffering and audio issues percent fans from watching.

When you look online, folks on Twitter are up in arms over the whole ordeal. When TNF was on regular TV, you didn’t have to worry about buffering. As long as that cable bill was paid for, the game came in. Folks are fed up.

The list of grievances ranges from audio issues, such as desyncing and the commentators being too quiet to buffering and blurry video. How are we supposed to watch the Brock Purdy show when the picture won’t load?

Thursday Night Football Broadcast Needs Fixing

There has been a ton of complaints this season about Amazon and its production quality. A lot of that was brushed off as NFL fans having bad internet connections or some other user error. However, it seems that these issues keep happening and that means something has to be wrong on their end.

Some folks have serious issues with bad audio.

“Dear [Amazon], could you please adjust your sound with the commentators on Thursday Night Football?” a viewer asked. “I literally cannot hear the commentators over the stadium’s noise. Thank you, and every person with autism or ADHD who has hearing processing issues thank you.”

Again, how am I supposed to watch Glock Purdy when the video buffers every five seconds? When it does come in, some folks have worse definition than a 2001 Panasonic 19″ box TV.

“[Prime Video] seriously, why is Thursday Night Football always blurry? I’ve updated the app, what is the problem?”

Have you had any issues, Outsiders? Is this something that Amazon is just never going to get under control? Watching TNF is one of the few things NFL fans get to break up the work week. Getting a quality broadcast is the least fans can ask for.