NFL Fans Slam Jonas Brothers Halftime Performance During Giants, Cowboys Thanksgiving Game

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by NDZ/Star Max/GC Images)

During the Giants and Cowboys halftime show, the Jonas Brothers performed for NFL fans and they did not like what they saw. It just doesn’t feel like the NFL has a good hold on what fans want during these shows. They bounce around from this act to another and it never seems to fully resonate with the audience at home.

When you think of football, I don’t know if the Jonas Brothers are what you think about as far as musical acts. There were some folks that were pleasantly surprised to see the sports ball on TV at Thanksgiving interrupted by the performance. However, a large portion of fans were just not feeling it.

It wasn’t a horrible show. They sounded alright. This just didn’t fit the vibe for NFL on Thanksgiving.

NFL Fans Couldn’t Stand The Jonas Brothers

On top of the choice of band being off, the Jonas Brothers had other factors working against them. Unless it is the Super Bowl halftime show, the production quality is just not great for these things. They can sound empty and poorly mixed and things just didn’t go well for the group.

“Someone needs to tell this Jonas Brother that mics work best when your face is pointed at it. Homeboy keeps singing to the side of it and it’s not going well…” a fan tweeted.

Meanwhile, other fans went for the holiday-inspired insults. You have to at least appreciate the creativity when someone uts together something as solid as this. Thanksgiving can be about making jokes online AND watching football.

“Oh if the Jonas Brothers had not done the halftime show just now, I would have had to call you out on green bean casserole being the most terrible thing about Thanksgiving,” another fan said in a reply to another tweet.

Look, the Jonas Brothers have done the group thing, split up for solo careers, and now have come back together for shows and possibly some new music. They were unable to deliver a performance that entertained NFL fans, or at least not a majority of fans. Then again, when have fans not complained about a halftime show?

Unless you can get Prince back from the dead to play “Purple Rain” in the literal rain again – well let’s just stop trying to appease everyone.